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Latest news

  • 18 April, 2024

    Why Be our next MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)?

    Let’s share knowledge together! About the job As Microsoft Certified Trainer you will be the person who evangelizes technology vision, share your knowledge and experience to organizations and individuals all over the world, teach and empower them to achieve beyond their goals. How do we fit each other? We’ll help you become a best-in-class technical […]

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  • 18 April, 2024

    Introducing our Cutting-Edge Designing with AI Course!

    Are you ready to revolutionize your design skills and tap into the boundless potential of Artificial Intelligence? Discover AI-Powered Design: Dive into the exciting realm where AI and design intersect. Learn how to leverage the latest AI technologies and tools to transform your creative process and achieve stunning results. Unleash Your Creativity: Break free from traditional design […]

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  • 18 April, 2024

    Prestigious International recognition for a Macedonian company Semos Education is LLPA Member of the Year!

    At the Global LLPA Summit which took place in Cancun (Mexico) from November 6 to 10, Semos Education received the LLPA Member of the Year award for 2023! LLPA (Leading Learning Partners Association) is the largest international association of leading educational centers, whose founders and members are the largest IT educational centers in the World. […]

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  • The three things that left the biggest impression on me are the excellent communication with the entire team at Semos Education, the experienced instructors who possess vast knowledge and convey it to us in a fun and professional manner, and of course, the camaraderie within our group.

    Angela Petreska Accredited Academy for Interior Design
  • Seeking to expand my knowledge, I decided to enroll in Semos Education, where I am gaining the necessary knowledge and experience.

    Marko Krstevski Microsoft .NET Academy
  • At Semos Education, the material is delivered through practical work by excellent instructors who selflessly share their knowledge. Thanks to all of this, along with my dedication, I have gained a solid foundation and knowledge that finally enabled me to pursue what I found myself in.

    Hristo Gigovski Student at the Accredited JavaScript Academy
  • All shared experiences, both from the instructors and the students at Semos Education, were my best guidance. When theory and practice come together in one place, the benefit is enormous.

    Viktorija Nakjevska Accredited Academy for Human Resources
  • My expectations upon completing my studies at Semos Education are to quickly start working as a UX designer and to continue advancing in this field, following the latest trends and tools.

    Milosh Stevkovikj Student at the Academy for UX/UI Design