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Career Center

Career Center

by Semos Education

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    Our story began as a concept for creating career transformations and connecting companies with listeners who have gained knowledge at Semos Education.

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    With continuous work since September 2020, we have managed to gain the trust of 214 companies – partners and 1918 listeners – members of the Career Center, numbers that grow every day.

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    The goal of the Career Center is to:

    1. Recognize qualities in students;
    2. Represent a bridge between students and companies;
    3. Create successful stories;

Formed as a result of the needs of companies that are partners of Semos Education on one side, and listeners who attend trainings on the other, the mission of the Career Center is to be a bridge connecting companies in search of highly qualified personnel and individuals ready to invest in upskilling, reskilling, and realizing their career dreams.

The trainings and academies at Semos Education offer practical application of educational content that will help you gain invaluable experience and become an expert in your field. We believe in the unique qualities and skills of each listener, and our mission is to recognize, develop, and transform them into successful careers.

Our vision is based on contributing to employability and implementing new labor market trends. We strive for the professional advancement of our listeners and continuous collaboration with our partner companies. Our commitment to the successful recruitment of listener members of the Career Center has so far resulted in 379 listeners recommended to companies and 320 listeners who have achieved career advancement.

We continue to change lives and achieve successful partnerships!