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Prestigious International recognition for a Macedonian company Semos Education is LLPA Member of the Year!

18 April, 2024

Prestigious International recognition for a Macedonian company Semos Education is LLPA Member of the Year!

At the Global LLPA Summit which took place in Cancun (Mexico) from November 6 to 10, Semos Education received the LLPA Member of the Year award for 2023! LLPA (Leading Learning Partners Association) is the largest international association of leading educational centers, whose founders and members are the largest IT educational centers in the World.

The association consists of 33 members delivering IT trainings in more than 55 countries worldwide, and on an annual level, over 500,000 students are educated during the trainings. This is a huge recognition for Semos Education, the first and leading educational center in Macedonia, celebrating 28 years of its existence this year.

“Semos Education won the award as a result of an innovative approach in several areas: We were the first educational center to launch artificial intelligence (AI) training, which we promote and deliver regionally, but also globally. We commissioned and conducted the largest global 6-month survey on the future of IT training in the post-Covid era. We were the first training center in Europe to receive the status of Microsoft Solutions Partner for Training Services for Data&AI, Infrastructure, Digital App and Innovation, based on the measurable quality of delivered training,” according to Valentina Taseva, General Manager of Semos Education.

Constant progress and growth

Last month, Semos Education celebrated 28 years of existence and the numbers that marked the anniversary are truly incredible: more than 135,000 students in over 300 different courses, trainings and academies in 24 countries around the world: “We already have more than 200 employees and trainers which makes us one of the largest training centers in the region. For the third year in a row, Semos Education is among the top 500 companies in Macedonia. This means that we are among the best 2% of companies according to all performance parameters and with no competition, we are number one among the educational centers” – adds Taseva .

Valentina Taseva – new member of the LLPA board of directors

Winning the prestigious award was not the only reason for joy in Mexico – Valentina Taseva was unanimously elected as a member of the LLPA board of directors, a crowning achievement of her 28-year career as a Head of Semos Education: “For me, being a member of the LLPA board of directors, apart from recognition, also represents a great responsibility. Together with the other members of the board, in the coming period we will have many tasks to complete in order to pave the way for all LLPA members and to justify the trust given to us by the world’s leading vendors” – says Taseva.

Students recognize quality

The quality of our courses has been an imperative since our foundation and it is precisely the quality that makes them different than the rest: “Since 1995 and the establishment of the first partnership with Microsoft (1998), Semos Education managed to bring the world’s biggest IT brands in Macedonia: AWS, Cisco, Oracle, Java, EC-Council, WMware, ISTQB, CertNexus, Python Institute, Adobe, Autodesk, Unity… The constant growth of the company is also due to the fact that all the trainings we offer are certified by the world’s leading vendors and after the completed training, our students, in addition to knowledge and skills, acquire certificates that are internationally recognized.” – says Taseva .