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Talent partners

What are the benefits of becoming a talent partner:

  • Promotion on social networks
  • Promotion of the company in front of attendees
  • They will be the first to receive information and news from Semos Education and the Career Center
  • Opportunity to share ideas that will later be realized as projects or creative solutions by the attendees
  • They will have the opportunity to collaborate with young and enthusiastic people
  • They will receive recommendations from the best attendees
  • Recognition as a socially responsible company participating in the creation of new professionals

How can you become our talent partner:

  • Assigning a project that our attendees will implement according to your instructions
  • Presence at project presentations of our students, assigned by their mentors
  • Offering positions to our students as interns or employees in your company
  • Offering scholarships to our top students, which will make you a premium talent partner



Market competitiveness;

Support in the process of selecting future team members;

Recognition as a socially responsible company;


Support in the process of education or qualification;

Opportunity for practical improvement;

Easier placement on the labor market;

Connecting individuals with our partner companies;

Promotion of individuals on the social media of the Career Center, giving them visibility to potential employers;

Easier placement on the labor market;

Support in preparing a CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.


If you want to become our Talent Partners, leave your contact information and you will be contacted by the Career Center at Semos Education.