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Custom programs

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Select any subject from over 100 courses offered by HackerU Pro. With over 26 years of experience in training professionals, we offer both tailored courses and those not available off-the-shelf. At the end of the course, you will receive a digital certificate from HackerU Pro.


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Dozens of experts in over seven areas of expertise with proven track records in technological education on a global and local level, in-person and online. You will receive the instructor’s CV and can schedule an online demo lesson to help you make your decision when choosing the best for your team. Our instructors are leading professionals in the industry who employ the “learn by doing” approach.


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All customized courses are adjusted to your workflow, utilizing real-life scenarios in your field of expertise. Our courses feature a unique LMS that allows access to materials and presentations and can be started from anywhere in the world.


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Practical online laboratories to turn your knowledge into action. We utilize leading industry technologies and methodologies to upgrade your team and enhance their performance. When building course curricula, we define the right path for practical practice to leverage the full potential and knowledge you have gained during the course.