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Become our Talent Partner

Inspired by statistics:

  • 50% of HR managers have open job posts they can’t fill with skilled workers (Career Builder)
  • 36% of employees and about half of millennials would leave a job that doesn’t offer learning opportunities (Docebo)
  • 73% of employees would stay in a company that offers learning opportunities and new skills development (LinkedIn)

We have created the Talent Partners programme that helps companies find high-skilled labour, and support academy attendees in their professional development.

A Talent Partner is:

  • A company that helps develop new work force and talent
  • A socially responsible company
  • A company that keeps up with technology trends, new professions, and trends in the labour market
  • A modern and innovative company with an open mindset
  • A competitive company that adjusts in accordance with the market needs

Why join as Talent Partners?

Promote your company to future IT and HR professionals.

Semos Education produces high-skilled IT and HR workforce. You will have the unique opportunity to meet these professionals first and to offer internship to those individuals you believe will fit best in your company.

Share your idea, students will develop it and present their solution.

As students continue with their practical education, they will develop this idea according to the needs and requests of your company.

Be the first to receive recommendation and information by the Career Center.

As academy partners, you will be among the first to receive recommendation for the best students. The Career Center will support you selecting your future team members.

How to become Talent Partners in Semos Education’s Academies?

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Grant scholarships to the best students and invest in our Talent Development pool, thus you become a Premium Talent Partner and receive additional benefits
  • Make our students interns or employees in your company
  • Assign a project to our students
  • Attend our students’ project presentations, assigned by our mentors

To become our Talent Partner, fill in your contact details in this link, and Semos Education’s Career Center will get in touch with you.

Talent partners of the Visual Effects Academy

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