Visual Effects Academy

Begin date
24 Apr 2023
Number of Classes
Course price
1.450 EUR

Academy of Visual Effects


Visual effects are special effects that are added to film or video in post-production, like computer-generated images.

Visual effects means the creation, alteration or enhancement of images that cannot be captured on a set or location during live action, therefore this is being accomplished in post-production.

Visual effects is the process through which computer-generated images alter the live-action material to create realistic scenes, that would otherwise be dangerous, expensive or impossible to shoot.


The Visual Effects Artist works with film and TV studios, production houses, also as a freelance for projects and various clients, etc. They apply instructions and specifications by clients in their work to complete the process of creating visual effects. Most Visual Effects Artists are part of a large team divided in multiple departments, contributing together to the final product. Some Artists may work from home on freelance projects, collaborating with colleagues and clients from all over the world.

The Visual Effects Artist will gain basic knowledge in post-production, film industry, and working with strict deadlines to deliver a successfully completed project. They utilize numerous methods in creating visual effects, that is, in combining live-action shots (scenes) with computer-generated graphics so that a clear message, idea and emotion is conveyed.

This profession requires creative talent together with technical ability and precision.

What happens after you complete the Academy?

This training offers fresh perspective on your career development and will present you with job opportunities in:

  • Marketing and advertising agencies, Digital internet agencies, Design studios, Advertising studios, and other companies with specialized services in advertising, graphic design, and multimedia.
  • Marketing department in institutions and organizations across any industry.
  • Video production studios.
  • Post-production studios and companies.
  • TV production.
  • Remote work for foreign companies and studios.
  • Freelancing.

Semos Education’s Career Center will support you in the process of internship or employment application at companies it collaborates with, as well as at Talent Partners with whom you will work on real projects.


  • Creating static graphics
    • Adobe Photoshop CC + ACP
    • Basic concepts of visual effects and idea development
    • Creating a digital set
  • Creating and editing video and audio
    • Adobe After Effects CC + ACP
    • Editing video and audio materials
    • Creating an animated ad
  • Processes and methods for creating visual effects
    • Using 3D space in a 2D work environment
    • Separation of elements (Rotoscoping & Keying)
    • Preparation and cleaning of video sequences (Painting / Prep)
    • Creating video compositions
  • Project development "Creating visual effects"
    • Design and creation of a video
    • Artist's portfolio for visual effects
  • Career


Complimentary Freelancing course (regular price is 150 euros) for all Semos Education Academies’ students

After you complete the Academy, expand your career opportunities with a free of charge course on Freelancing.

Course programme:

  • Communication with clients
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Payment and taxes
  • Develop your personal Freelance profile proactively

Contact person

Angelina Kanchevska, MSc
Head of Semos Visual Effects Academy
+389 71 223 993

Academic calendar for 2023

April 24, 2023 – Start

This academy fits you if you are:

  • The artist type
  • Creative
  • Able to visualize with ease
  • Eyeing details
  • Patient and imaginative
  • Unique in your expression style
  • Communicative
  • Team player


The Academy of Visual Effects’ programme is adapted to the market’s commercial needs and is completely focused on the student gaining artistic, creative, and practical knowledge.

Verification Documents

  • Semos Education Certificate for a completed Academy of Visual Effects
  • Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) in Photoshop & After Effects international certificates

Companies that collaborate with the Career Center of Semos Education

Academy of Visual Effects Talent partners

Who are they?

After completing the Visual Effects programme, students will be able to apply the latest principles and technologies in this field, and will learn to:

  • Study the client’s project requirements
  • Set up a technical workflow of the project
  • Get familiar with the process of creating visual effects
  • Work with visual effects design software
  • Develop creative approach when solving problems and tasks
  • Create and adjust excellent visual effects
  • Use methods to track various sequence movements (matchmove)
  • Precisely determine and separate sequence elements (rotoscoping)
  • Finely combine real sequences with computer-generated graphics
  • Remove unnecessary sequence elements (painting-prep)
  • Create unique digital scenes (matte painting)
  • Create effects using various software for creative and technical processing
  • Create composition using the above-mentioned elements (digital compositing)
  • Design and build a project with deadlines and limited budget
  • Revise the project before sending to the client
  • Accept the supervisor’s or client’s comments
  • Send files according to specifically determined specifications