3D Studio Max Design

Begin date
30 Sep 2023
Number of Classes
Course price
7.800 MKD

Course description

One of the most creative children courses, where they develop their creative skills is the 3D Studio Max Design course. This is a program that works in three-dimensional space. It enables creation of 3D graphics – pictures and animations. The numerous integrated effects make the creation of special video clips, very easy.

Содржина на курсот

  • Creating simple 2D shapes and changing their parameters
  • Working and editing compound 2D shapes
  • Creating simple 3D objects from compound 2D shapes
  • Accurate drawing with align and snap
  • Accurate alignment of doors and windows to 3D walls
  • Creating standard and extended 3D objects and changing their parameters
  • Creating compound 3D objects (Boolean between two or more objects)
  • Introduction to materials and material editor
  • Creating simple materials and changing their reflection and texture
  • Assigning different materials to different parts of object
  • Creating material library
  • Saving materials for later use
  • Introduction to animation
  • Creating simple animation (Auto key)
  • Using curve editor (advanced animation)
  • Introduction to cameras
  • Animating cameras with path constraint (moving cameras along path)
  • Introduction to lighting
  • Daylight (daylight system)
  • Lights (free light, target light)
  • Visualization (render)
  • Introduction and installing vray

Contact person

Elena Petkovska
Sales specialist at the Children Educational Center
+389 75 289 722, Tuesday - Saturday 9:00-17:00

Contact person

Kristina Kuzmanoska
Sales specialist at the Children Educational Center
+389 71 262 728, Tuesday - Saturday 9:00-17:00


Basic knowledge of working with computers and the operating system Windows.

  • Each child works on an individual computer
  • Free handbooks for each course
  • Diploma for completed course


  • 10% discount for the next course if the attendant has already attended any course in Semos Education


  • Payment in cash with payment slip or debit cards
  • Payment with credit cards
  • Payment in installments (max. 3) without interest with credit cards of Stopanska Banka
  • Payment by invoice