Summer mentoring program for React Developer

With our React Developer Summer Mentoring Program, become a React developer and participate in developing front-end software for web and mobile platforms.

Summer mentoring program for React developer - Start 25.06.2019 Application

Open Day: June 19 | 18:00 | Wednesday

End date of application and payment: 20.06.2019

SPECIAL SUMMER PRICE for the React Developer Mentor Program: 45.400,00. 

Total number of classes: 111.

In the next 3 months, you will learn to develop every part of a complete solution in the enterprise industry using React Stack (technologies) - HTML5 & CSS3 & JavaScript, ReactJS with Redux and React Native.

During the mentoring program you will have the opportunity to work on real projects under the mentorship of a representative from the IT company Vox Teneo who will share with you the experience of everyday work responsibilities and allow you to work in a real working environment. Vox Teneo is a software development company founded in Belgium in 2002 that opened its branch in Macedonia in 2014. During the 5 years since the existence of Vox Teneo Macedonia, the company has arrived that stable structure in terms of teams and projects that are working in our premises.

Over the years, many developers, from students to experts, have gone through the company and helped in its building and development. At present, the developers from our branch work on the largest and most complex projects in the company.

The members of our team are regular participants in local and international fairs and presentations, as well as numerous trainings and lectures on various topics, therefore, cooperation with Semos Education is not uncommon.

Representative from our team for this training / lecture - is Dr. Vladimir Nasteski. Dr. Nasteski is part of Vox Teneo for more than 4 years and is one of the main "culprits" behind the decision to choose React.js as the main Java Script library in our work.


  • Possibility for practice or employment in the company.
  • Coaches with many years of experience in programming and working with complex systems from various fields in Macedonia and abroad.
  • Entry into Career Center at Semos Education, for further recommendation on practice and employment.
  • Work on a project with a mentor.
  • Learn to design software UI solutions for web and mobile platforms.
  • Learn to build full front-end applications by integrating external APIs.
  • Career workshop will help you pave the way to your workplace. You will receive practical advice from people who employ, you will find out what matters to them and which things you should pay attention when looking for work or wanting promotion.

End date of application and payment: 20.06.2019

Possibility of paying installments with Visa or Master from any bank. At 3, 6 or 12 installments without interest with credit cards of Stopanska Banka AD Skopje or 6 installments with 1% interest with Dinners credit card.

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Summer mentoring program for React developer

HTML & CSS & Javascript 39
React.JS with Redux 27
React Native 30
Practical workshop - how to get employment and promotion 6
Work on a project with a mentor 9


Contact person

Dijana Vasilevska
Head of Open Source Programming Training Department
+389 70 349 030, every working day 9:00-17:00