Semos Education is a first accredited institute for vocational education for graphic designers

For the first time in Macedonia, a Graphic designer with an accredited degree

Semos Education has become the first accredited institution by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Northern Macedonia to deliver Vocational Specialist Qualification Education - Graphic Designer at 5-B level of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework. This is the only accredited educational institution of its kind in the country, where students who have attended and will attend one-year vocational training in the Graphic Design program will receive an official specialist degree in Graphic Designer accreditation recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia.

In a statement by Angelina Kancevska, Mcs, Head of the Semos Academy of Graphic and Web Design, we received original information on knowledge assessment and vocational specialist qualifications for the Graphic Designer profession.

"We are happy and pleased that the long years of hard work have finally paid off. Over the years, we have unselfishly invested all our knowledge, experience, desire and ambition in order to our students receive the well-deserved recognition of their knowledge. Our longtime professors also have a special merit in developing the curriculum, which with their expertise has contributed to incorporating this program into practical knowledge and skills that are closely related to the demands of the business community. This qualification framework provides 60 ECVET credits for 550 hours training per one academic year. After successful teaching, candidates take theoretical and practical specialist exams. The European Credit Transfer System for Vocational Education and Training is a novelty in Macedonia, in line with the reforms being implemented in education, and aims to increase the professional mobility and easier integration of the country into the EU.” said Angelina Kancevska.

One of the most sought after occupations in the creative and digital industry on the market, but also attractive to young people, is graphic design. Many young people acquire knowledge through courses and trainings, through self-study, online tutorials, books, etc., but this does not make them sufficiently competitive in the market because they do not have the necessary professional qualifications.

"The Graphic Designer qualification contains basic and specialist units that cover the aspects of knowledge, skills and competencies needed to perform the job tasks. The person with this qualification knows how to make sketches and drawings for developing ideas, using critical and creative thinking, logic and analysis. As tools he uses the latest computer graphics software to help him create graphics solutions, make design adaptations and adjustments as well as prepare files for printing and web use.” said Professor Daniela Spaseva, MA for graphic design at Semos Academy.

Enrollments at the Semos Academy of Graphic and Web Design are ongoing, and teaching begins on September 16, 2019.

The Academy can enroll:

  • Candidates with completed level IV of the National Qualifications Framework
  • Candidates with completed VI and VII level of the National Qualifications Framework for Vocational Qualification (re-qualification or further qualification)

Semos Education is the first institution in Macedonia to issue two public qualifications for Graphic Designer and Web Designer as a vocational education institution.

Contact person

Angelina Kanchevska, MSc
Head of Semos Graphic Design Academy
+389 71 223 993