HR Academy
Accredited institution

Begin date
25 Sep 2023
Number of Classes
Course price
1.840 EUR

Accredited institution for adult education for Managing and developing human capital

Verification of Adult Education Institution for delivering of the special programme Managing and developing human capital No. UP113 - 2624 of 11.11.2021.

Since November 2021, Semos Education has become an accredited institution by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia to deliver the special programme Managing and developing human capital.

Managing and developing human capital – A VOCATION IN GREAT DEMAND IN EVERY INDUSTRY.

Main objective of the programme

The main objective of the programme is the student to acquire expertise, skills, competences, and practical knowledge, to become an HR professional and enter the labour market.

The skills acquired in this programme will help students obtain employment or become self-employed, be more competitive in the labour market, or be more confident in doing their daily tasks at work.

This programme can advance your career and get you qualification recognition by entering the labour market via employment.

If you are just starting your HR career

The Career Center by Semos Education will support you in the process of applying for internship or employment with companies that it collaborates, as well as with Talent Partners with whom you will work on real projects.


  • Strategic HR management
  • Legal aspects
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employment motivation and work satisfaction
  • Employee development
  • Performance management
  • Salaries, reward systems, and financial aspects
  • HR audit and HRIS
  • English for HR
  • Analyze advantages and disadvantages of a certain part of an organizational structure to function in line with business processes, business climate and environment
  • Plan a recruitment and selection process
  • Attract the best talent and define the key elements in talent assessment and managing their development
  • Establish competences, expectations and working standards
  • Evaluate work performance by model 360 and 180 (models and examples from various stances) and provide feedback
  • Assess needs for HRIS
  • Establish systems of motivation for employees using tools to measure satisfaction/dedication, and use theories of motivation in everyday practice
  • Set up a key for satisfied employees and conduct surveys to examine employees’ satisfaction
  • Set up an individual plan for employees’ development based on needs, assess its expenses, select trainers, providers, and consultants
  • Keep your employees’ knowledge base after they leave the company
  • Introduce and practice mentorship in the company
  • Manage human resources in compliance with the law
  • Compile advertisements and create employment contracts, annexes, decisions and plans for annual vacation leaves
  • Create various decisions in compliance with the country’s positive rules and regulations for systematization of jobs
  • Create plans for salaries and rewards for employees

Contact person

Aneta Sekulovska
Business Development Executive
+389 70 357 591

Academic calendar for 2023

September 25, 2023 – Start


Lectures are conducted in a modern and interactive way, using modern information technologies, through individual and group work with practical mentoring.

Verification Documents

  • Students who will successfully complete the training, will be issued a Certificate for “Managing and developing human capital” by the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of North Macedonia.