Realized student projects in the field of socially responsible practices

2020 - Triathlon Federation of Northern Macedonia

Received praise

  • Rebranding the institution, adopted logo
  • Brand Book Design - a book of standards
  • Promotional flyer design

2020 - National Antimicrobial Resistance Project

  • Poster series on "Antimicrobial Resistance"

2019 - Red Cross of the City of Skopje

  • A series of educational posters about the activities of the Red Cross
  • Series of posters on the topic #love on the occasion of the International Day of the Red Cross

2019 - Erasmus project "ECVET for IT" involving secondary vocational schools from Sweden, the Netherlands, Portugal, Estonia and Macedonia

  • Logo design for the ECVET for IT project, adopted logo

2019 - Institute of Folklore "Marko Cepenkov" at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje

  • Digital illustrations for carnivals in Macedonia
  • Rebranding the institute

2018 - Federation of Mountaineering Sports of Macedonia

Received praise

  • Series of posters on the topic "Mountain trails in Macedonia"
  • Series of educational posters on the topic "Tips for safe hiking"
  • Proposed rebranding of the institution, adopted logos for 3 clubs

2018 - PHI Gerontological Institute "November 13", Skopje

Received praise

  • Rebranding the institution, adopted logo
  • Design of a catalog for the work of the institution
  • Photographing the institution for the needs of the catalog
  • Flyer design for the Palliative Care Association

2018 - PHI University Clinic for Children's Diseases, Skopje

Completely realized project "World without borders" from idea to printing with the support of sponsors

  • Design of illustrations adapted to the space in the Department of Neurology
  • Paint design adaptation
  • Design of a promotional catalog for the project

2018 - Semos Education

New Year's gift for everyone, for an inspiring 2019...

  • Mandala Design Calendar with Creativity Guide

2017 - Special Primary School "Future", Skopje

Completely realized project "Paint your world" from idea to printing with the support of sponsors

  • Rebranding the curriculum, adopted logo
  • Design a catalog for the work of the school
  • Photographing products made by children
  • Promotional flyer design

2016 - Primary School "Ljuben Lape", Skopje

  • Creating a fully functional website

2015 - Skopje Creative

The first card game "Planet Erida" in Macedonia

  • Digital illustrations of fictional characters in the game (Satirci, Kentauri, Plutonoids, Andronci, Markidi and Artjani)
  • Map design, cards and game packaging
  • Cardboard design

2015 - Skopje Creative

  • Digital illustrations on the topic "Endemic animal species protected by law in Macedonia"
  • Adaptation of illustrations in cardboard and pendants for the Skopje Zoo

2014 - The Union of Special Educators of the Republic of Macedonia

  • Rebranding the institution, adopted logo

2013 - DUCOR "Partenija Zografski", Skopje

  • Rebranding the institution, adopted logo

Greater awareness for everyone! 

For years back, Semos Education has been promoting socially responsible practices which encourage the social entrepreneurship through active participation in projects, and development of educational programmes designed for persons with disabilities. Besides the offer based on knowledge and obtaining computer skills, Semos Education emphasizes the humanity by providing care for each attendant through the Career Center, enabling their fast employment and easier integration in the social movements.

The Design Academy gives its contribution in the socially responsible practices regularly, providing projects , designed for real clients in need for the same, for the students. At the same time the Academy promotes the graphic design in various areas of the human functioning and life, nature, science and society. These practical projects have the purpose to encourage the students to consciously create original ideas, encourage their own personal growth and development as designers, as well as obtain specific competences as part of the Academy programme.

Color Your Own World!

The “Color your own world” project is in accordance with the needs of SPS “Idnina”, and the same was fully integrated in the school activities mentored by professors, during the one-year vocational studies of the Graphic Design Programme in the academic 2016/17 year. As a result of this, the students created a complete corporative identity for the school, including new creative solution for logo, flyers and catalogue with promotional and sales character.